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Description of ECPI Water

Description of ECPI Water by Prof Dr Haji Amir Hamzah Abd Hamid on 30 April 2008 at TV3.

Emeritus Prof Sir Dr.Amir Hamzah's Research

Emeritus Prof Sir Dr.Amir Hamzah
from Malaysia has conducted a research based on space time model to understand the origin and the character of each occurrence. 

From the research he has managed to re-engineer the role of water to our life. The production of ECPI water goes through two processes such as water treatment process & enhancement process. 

In these processes wave patterns from all natural substances such as food supplements, variety of herbal nutrients, antioxidant & vitamin such as, ginseng, royal jelly and other colloid are transmitted into ECPI water molecule. The wave energy pattern of ECPI water will generate a stable memory system to increase the energy level in our body. 

After drinking ECPI water, our central nervous system (CNS) will read the wave energy in it & send them to the rest of the body according to the specific need. 

Thus it will help to restore the energy to the body cells to vitalize it & to heal all kinds of infirmity.

Philosophy of Spacetime Technology

In a nutshell theory it was explained how the universe was created or exists. Is it true that the universe was created from the Big Bang, as believed before this? Basic understanding of these events allows us to understand the mechanism and create an event. 

We must realize and believe that the Creator of the universe is actually having the knowledge of how it is made. With this awareness of the founder of the Electronic Medical Group, Emeritus Professor Hj Amir Hamzah has been doing research to find and manipulate the information that was presented by the Almighty Creator.

Members of Physics have a long track quark, mesons, π-mesons and other particles that are waves (wave-particle duality) in the observation and experimentation, but they are still confused and failed to explain it. 

Two members of the Physics of Japan was awarded half of the Noble Prize for Physics 2008 to determine the success of the experimental energy of 511 keV is associated with the presence of at least three quark families. 

The result of a thorough study on the forward-looking statements are based on the Creator to the findings of this experiment have been recognized Emeritus Prof. Amir has submitted to the world of space-time model is more convincing. 

The Supreme Creator (Original Force) was created μ-domain in Himself. This is exactly the line where sky and earth is united. After that charge pairs are created and blown into the charge of energy 511 keV, and a negative charge which is now called electrons that move on until he lost a light into the sky location. It should be remembered that at this time the sun did not exist, then the electrons as the most luminous is the reference day (time) as indicated by the Creator of the universe. 

While the positron is positively charged and the weight will fall down to lose weight to be the location of the earth. Then there is the resonance that produces a different coefficient-coefficient resulting quark, meson, π-meson and the others until the end of the sixth day. On the seventh day, the coefficient, the coefficient of certain ingredients are combined according to the rate of three hundred basic elements are stored as stabilized by salt water. 

According to this model we find that the electron has a very clear role and importance of the existence of creatures. Reduction-oxidation process is related to the movement and transfer of electrons between atoms. In the living process known as metabolism, any disorder in the metabolism will cause an imbalance in the body that ultimately result in a condition called sick.

This method gives the absolute right to the central nervous system (CNS) to make a choice whether to take or reject the elements that are not needed at that time. This mechanism differs from conventional metabolic processes that allow the negative side effects.

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